about me

Jonathan Wessel has had a passion for acting since a very young age. Growing up watching classic films like It's A Wonderful Life and TV shows such as Little House on the Prairie shaped Jonathan's tastes in story. At age 8, Jonathan first performed on stage in a church production, and even though he was scared to death, he loved it and wanted to continue acting. Throughout his teen years, Jonathan acted in home school theater and church productions as his love for acting increased. 

After high school, Jonathan became involved in community theater and delved into student films while looking for an agent. He landed a few roles in student films, but the going was slow and he struggled to find work. At age 24 Jonathan believed that God was calling him to be an actor and began to pursue it more intensely, and in 2016, he began studying the Sanford Meisner method of acting at Green Shirt Studio in Chicago under the training of Andrew Gallant. This technique transformed his acting and brought him to a new level of understanding of the art and craft of acting and began to shape the way he would approach roles from then on. It was in July of 2016 that Jonathan acted in his first lead role in a Christian film, Happy Together. This brought Jonathan into the world of Christian film and has been the majority of his work, having since appeared in numerous Christian films across the United States.

As a Christian, Jonathan believes that acting and film are powerful tools to reach people, if done properly. He believes that a performance grounded in truth can impact people and move them to change. Jonathan acknowledges God as having given him the ability to act and wants to use it to glorify him and reach people. Jonathan believes that acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances and that truth in all you do (emotions, actions, etc.) is the best way to perform and affect an audience. 

"An actor who lives truthfully in each moment will touch the human soul."